A Four Week Series That is Offered Numerous Times During the Year

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Presenter: Andrew J. Dobo, Psy.D.
                 Licensed Psychologist

  • Week One: Parenting Style: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
  • Week Two: Four Step Parenting Model for Change.
  • Week Three: Experience vs Talking About the Experience
  • Week Four: Integrating What You've Learned


  • Topics
  • Power struggles with kids and how to avoid them 
  • Four step model that facilitates problem solving
  • Understanding parenting styles: which ones to use and which ones to avoid
  • No more lecturing, threatening, grounding or yelling
  • Natural consequences and the lessons they teach
  • Building self-worth in your child
  • Chores and other real life lessons
  • Negative beliefs and how to get rid of them
  • Communication: a new method of talking less but communicating more
  • Understanding the difference between encouragement and praise

Parenting does not have to be complicated. It does, however, have to be consistent. Children are brilliant in their perception of inconsistency, "But Daddy said I could." and they will point out every inconsistent thought we present to them. This series is based on sound psychology presented in an easy to understand manner and featuring easy to use methods.  This program will help you create a positive change in your parenting style.  The material for this series is based on two of the most effective parenting models available today. The goal of this series is to create parenting experts out of each parent who attends these discussions.

Location: Collaborative Counseling Center
1515 US HWY 1: Suite 201
Sebastian, FL 32958

More information: 772-589-7680   

Tuition: $75.00 per person or $120.00 per couple this could be parent and grandparent.

For more information of the next series please call Dr. Dobo at 589-7680 to reserve your seats -- limited seating. 

These classes occur as people call and request a class.  If you have missed the last class please call and leave your name, phone number, and an evening that is convenient for you to attend with his assistant, Theresa.  Once there are enough people interested Dr. Dobo will teach the class.

See what others say about the class:

After one hour, just one class, I changed a few things and began to see an immediate improvement.  I addressed my son respectfully and he in turn responded differently.  He did what I wanted him to do.  What I have been nagging him to do for months.  I could not believe how easy it was to change the way things were going.  --Shirley S. 

Dr. Dobo is a life saver.  I was doing somethings wrong, things that would have had long term devasting effects for my kids.  I'm so grateful I stopped rescuing my kids.  They have become more independent because I started letting them handle their lives more and more.  They solve problems on their own.  It change my entire view on parenting.--Tom V.

My house is calm.  It use to be loud and crazy but now its calm and respectful.  I never would have believed it.  --Maggie L.

One thing I remember Dr. Dobo did with our group was to develop a parental mission statement.  I never thought about parenting as a mission. That group exercise stayed with me.  I would include our groups mission statement here, but then I'd ruin it for the next group. --Nikki C. - (772) 589-7680

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